Join in and help slow the uncontrolled expansion of oil palm plantations - causing the destruction of vital rainforests and loss of animal species. By reducing our palm oil consumption, we can help reduce demand for this oil.

Palm Oil Investigations.  When shopping, have this awesome app for iPhone and Android with you, it gives you the ability to scan items in New Zealand and Australian supermarkets to see if they use palm oil, and find alternatives!

When shopping, this handy buy palm oil-free wallet card lists the names and likely names for palm oil, so you can identify other products that are palm oil-free. Click here to download your copy. 

Hamilton Zoo position. Hamilton Zoo believes the only way to save these wildlife species and their forest homes is to choose palm oil-free or Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO) as both these options are deforestation-free.

We've become a member of the Australasian Responsible Palm Oil Network (incorporating ZAA, Unmask Palm Oil, New Zealand and Australian zoos, the Jane Goodall Institute Australia, and various other NGOs) whose vision is that 100% of products in Australia and New Zealand are deforestation-free. Download the joint position statement.